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Wine Storage

Wine Storage – How to go about it?

Most varieties of wine we consume regularly Chardonnays, Merlots, Beaujolais, etc are meant to be drunk right away. Most of the time, we buy wines and store them in shelves away from direct sunlight until we plan to take it from there for consumption. For many families, wine consumption is reserved only on special days and there are others who make it a part of their life through the recipes they cook. But no one goes to the extent of damaging the wine by callously keeping it in someplace inappropriate. However, there are some myths in circulation some of which are planted and other historical accidents.

What could happen is if we let air to get into the bottle, the wine will mature faster than desired and we may be left with the choice to drink it before we planned to. The wine is spoilt by exposure to heat as it is by heat fluctuations. We don’t want to keep our wine bottles in a home that faces extreme temperature fluctuations. The wine cooler serves the purpose of storing wine bottles safely in a place where they can be at the same cooler temperature. There are many companies that sell a cooler.

Storage is a concern in homes that have many hundreds of bottles. Surely they have a cellar for the purpose. If you plan on storing that many bottles see to it that the place is climate controlled or at least enjoys a constant temperature. It is a given that the bottles on the top shelf or rack will be the warmest. Some suggest that a closet is better when storing a large number of bottles. It is easier to pull out what you need whereas in a refrigerator or cooler, it is difficult to figure out. Sharing memories, or discovering if one’s about to get over is easier. You can pull out one and settle for the dinner. For those who drink one variety of wine and buy cases.    

With a closet one can stand in it and browse through the collection at a glance. Depending on where the home is, a cellar or the cooler might work best.

Did you think of storing your favorite bubbly in the home refrigerator? That is fine if you plan to consume it within a few months. The temperature inside will fall below 45 degree F and the lack of moisture will dry out the cork and spoil the wine. You can’t also store it in a place that is not heated in the winters. The wine may freeze.

One may emphasize on the joy and pleasure of those who drink it. What gives someone more joy? How the wine may retain its best flavor may not be the best way for someone to enjoy storing and pulling it out when needed.

If you want to buy a case or a wine unit, there are many to buy from. Once you buy it, you don’t need to go all out to stack it. Let it happen organically. 

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