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Wine Coolers - What You Need to Know

Wine Coolers - Beginners Guide What You Need to Know

Wine coolers can help keep wine chilled so that a person can have the perfect glass of wine at home. They can entertain their guest or they can have a glass of wine that is cool and ready for them after a long day. There are many benefits to having a wine cooler at home. There are different coolers based on what a person needs. Kegerator Craft has all of the wine coolers that a person can need. They have a number of different sizes and different models including duel zone and single zone wine coolers.


The flavor of the wine is greatly affected by the temperature that it is stored at. Some wine cannot reach its full flavor if it is stored at room temperature. For example a bottle of Chardonnay will become sweet and thick when it is not stored at the proper temperature. When it is stored at the proper temperature it will have a nice light and mild flavor. The same is true for other types of wine as well. Organic compounds that are found in the wine can be affected by the temperature that it is stored at. When the wine is chilled it will often have a better flavor. Wines will taste best when they are stored in a unit where the temperature is the same and some wines need to be stored at a specific temperature to taste its best.

Single Zone

A single zone wine cooler will handle the needs of many homes. This is good for someone that is new to wine collecting so they will not have to worry about the wine sitting too long, getting too hot, or going bad. This wine cooler will be able to chill the wine better then a refrigerator and is the proper way to cool off a bottle of wine. These coolers are set at one temperature and it is maintained. It is recommended that white wines are stored at a temperate of 52 degrees while red wines do better when stored at 60 degrees. This cooler is easy to adjust and can be well maintained.

Duel Zone

The duel zone wine cooler is separated into two different spaces within the same unit. This allows each area to be set at a different temperature. This is great for people that want to build up their wine collection and have several different types of wine in the same cooler. They can even have a side set to store champagne at a cool 45 degrees and have a Cabernet stored in the same unit at 64 degrees. This unit is freestanding and the temperature controls are built in. These units are going to cost more than the single zone units but wine collectors feel that they are well with the extra money.

When deciding to purchase a wine cooler there are some things to keep in mind. The amount of wine and the type of wine will affect the type of cooler that a person is going to buy. If a person drinks only red wines than they can get a single zone wine cooler. If they like several different types of wines such as both red and whites they will do well with a dual zone cooler. They also need to determine the size of the wine cooler they are looking for and the area where it is going to be installed. The wine cooler needs to fit properly and hooked up correctly so that it will work. 

Where to Get a Wine Cooler

A person can shop Kegerator Craft to get the size wine cooler that will best fit their needs. There are a number of top of the line wine coolers found at this store. Not only will they keep the wine cold they will look stylish as well. Many of these coolers have a glass door so they will add a decorative touch to a room.

When a person is looking for a single or dual zone wine cooler they can find what they are looking for at Kegerator Craft. This online store has a number of different wines coolers that come in many different sizes. A person can find the wine cooler they are looking for at a reasonable price when shopping at this online store.

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